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Abandoned Restaurant Spooky Spookhuis

This Belgian restaurant was designed to scare people to death , and was abandoned in the year 2008 . ”  Spookhuis  ” also known as “House of thousands of ghosts ” and ” Mysterious bar .” This restaurant has on its menu everything to make you shiver like a limpet . At the table was served ” Mud Pie ” in the skull. Horrifying situation supplemented wobbly chandeliers, smoke coming from the ceiling and swing from side to side of the picture . Entertainment included performances from disguised Dracul and rooms magicians and dancers who worship Satan. People eat in hell , and washed down with a mysterious bar. It was rumored that the top even committed satanic rituals , leaving lonely and angry spirits wander in all corners of the restaurant . Not too many photos there ”  Spookhuis  ” as rare photographer dare go inside .